Couple walks into IKEA, replaces all 100+ stock photos with own pics

Credit: Erikas Maliauskas/Cover Images

Most couples spend a Saturday afternoon IKEA trip arguing over what color Billy bookcase they need, but a young couple from Lithuania had a better idea on how to spend a trip to the popular homeware store.

Erikas Maliauskas and his girlfriend decided to change every single stock image in IKEA's display frames to pictures of themselves.

The couple first took a trip to the Vilnius store to count how many picture frames were on display so they knew how many photos they'd need to take back; there were over 100.

The couple then had the fun task of choosing which 100 photos they would be OK with the majority of Vilnius seeing.

"It was quite a task to find that many photos of ourselves," explained Erikas.

"Thanks to Instagram archives, we did pretty well."

They pair then headed to a photo printing store where they had the 100 images printed, a selection taken from various holiday trips, drunken nights out or selfie sessions. The couple even included baby pictures of themselves to put in the children's aisle.

The couple then returned to the store with the images in hand on a Saturday afternoon, a day which is renowned for the store being extremely busy. They took to the toilet to place some images in frames located on the shop floor before realizing no one was taking any notice.

"We realized that nobody cared, so we relaxed and made ourselves at home."

The process took a total of 5 hours and the IKEA Vilnius store (for) now contains images of the couple in all its picture frames on display.

"We hope that people will like our faces!" said Erikas.

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