Ad campaign imagines presidential candidates with full facial hair

Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States When: 10 Mar 2016 Credit: Supplied by

The 2016 Presidential race gains momentum with every passing day, so when Joshua Steimle, CEO and founder of MWI digital marketing, was approached by their client Beardbrand (who sell beard oil and male grooming products) to come up with content marketing ideas for them, the company thought that creating a blog post showcasing this year's presidential candidates featuring beards would be perfect.

Wanting to adhere to equal rights, the campaign even features female candidate Hilary Clinton!

According to Steimle, there have been few presidential candidates that have had beards over the years.

"Surprisingly few U.S. Presidents have had beards - only 9 out of 44 according to Wikipedia, although between 1861 and 1913 all Presidents but two had some form of facial hair, a golden era for fans of the whiskered look."

Unfortunately Beardbrand has a strict no-politics policy for their content, but as the company had already hired Upwork to create 10 images for them, the company decided to post the images online.

"Beardbrand said that was fine as long as it was clear they weren't endorsing it, so here we are," Steimle said.

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