Watch Out: Fake Free Trial Offers Can Be Costly

(File Photo)

SEATTLE -- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is mailing nearly 230,000 refund checks totaling nearly $10-million to people who bought “fat burning” and “weight loss” products and other dietary supplements or skin creams – including Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus – from a company called Health Formulas.

According to the FTC’s complaint, Health Formulas and its related companies, including Simple Pure Nutrition, advertised their products using fake “free trials." People who were tricked into providing their credit and debit card information were enrolled – without their permission – in a costly membership program that charged them monthly for new shipments that they did not want.

On the KOMO Midday News (weekdays 1-3pm), John Breyault, who runs the National Consumers League’s website, warned that risk-free offers are often a risky thing to do.

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