UW cannabis research moves forward despite federal threats

UW Medicine (KOMO Newsradio).

SEATTLE, WA -- New research is offering scientific proof that cannabis can be medicine, and it’s all happening at the University of Washington.

But the whole idea of the medical community being allowed to study cannabis and find scientific proof that it is helping people is something Michael Louella never thought would be possible.

“It was mind-blowing,” Louella says, recalling the day he was told about the research. “Our director, Ann Collier, stopped me in the hallway and told me the idea, and I just thought ‘hallelujah!’”

Louella and R-N Eric Helgeson work in the ACTU, or AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at UW Medicine. For the first time, they're looking at the effects of cannabis in the digestive system.

“We know that people with HIV, when they get infected, it affects the inflammation in the gut,” Helgeson says.

Inflammation and pain are two things many already claim are eased by cannabis use. These two, and the rest of their team, are working so that science can also support this conclusion.

The ramifications are huge. But among the possibilities are also risks. Click on the photo above to hear the full story as it aired on KOMO Radio.

*To find out more or to get involved in the UW Medicine study, call the ACTU at 206.773.7129*

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