NIH Launches New Alcohol Treatment Navigator

(file photo)

SEATTLE -- Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in this country. It’s estimated that more than seven percent of American adults – that's nearly 14 million people – have a drinking problem. About eight million of them are alcoholic.

A lot of companies offer to help, but it's hard to know if they can really make a difference and if they're a good fit for you. That's why the National Institutes of Health has launched a new digital tool called the Alcohol Treatment Navigator. It gives users a step-by-step way to search through all of the available options.

On the KOMO Midday News (weekdays 1-3pm), Dr. Lori Ducharme at NIH explained how the navigator works. (Click the picture above to hear the audio).

More Info: NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator points the way to quality treatment

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