'Mister Game Show' hits another milestone, turns 95 today


    HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- If we gave you "10 Chances" to hit the "Bullseye," would you sink a "Hole In One" or go "Bonkers" coming up with "Any Number” of guesses as to who this birthday boy is?

    Game show veteran Bob Barker turns 95 today.

    Believe it or not, Barker handed the reigns of The Price is Right over to Drew Carey 11 years ago.

    “I’m a complete success at retirement,” Barker told the AP a few years ago. “I think it’s because I did it not too soon, not too late, but at just the right time. People ask me what do I miss most about ‘The Price is Right’ and I answer honestly ‘it’s the money.’ That I miss.”

    In his retirement, Barker has dedicated more time to his lifelong passion of helping animals, and even spoke to KOMO News as Woodland Park Zoo was preparing to move its largest inhabitants.

    “Do what you know is best for those elephants,” Barker pleaded.

    Bob's 95th is being spent quietly at home, after two recent scares that sent him to the hospital. He was all smiles during a Skype appearance on his old game show earlier today.

    Click on the photo above to hear more of a tribute compiled by one of his biggest fansKOMO's Brian Calvert!

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