Mile High Club: Wedding Edition

Image courtesy Brandon Fast

NEWBRG, OR -- A newlywed couple from the Northwest got a huge surprise at 33-THOUSAND feet this past weekend.

Brandon and Jasmine Fast tied the knot earlier this year, and this past week, they spent their honeymoon at Walt Disney World.

“It honestly is the highlight of our entire honeymoon,” Brandon tells KOMO News. “Getting out to Florida was great, going to Disneyworld was awesome, but I think the one memory that we’ll keep with us forever is what happened on the plane.”

On the flight home from the honeymoon, the couple, who lives in Newberg, Oregon, was wearing their shirts that read "just married." That gave their Southwest Airlines flight attendant an idea.

“I remember hearing the intercom come and, and the attendant saying ‘We have a very special couple on board we’d like to congratulate,’” Brandon remembers.

What came next was an impromptu ceremony several miles high. Click on the photo above to hear the full story, including the audio captured of the memorable flight.

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