Let's Go Seattle! - A Seahawks poem for Blue Friday

12th man flag (File Photo)

In honor of Blue Friday and the Seattle Seahawks facing the Arizona Cardinals in Seattle on New Year's Eve, Pastor Greg Asimakoupoulus reads you his weekly Seahawks poem to get you all in the game day spirit! (Click the picture above to hear the poem).

Let’s Go Seattle!
by Pastor Greg Asimakoupoulos

Let’s go Seattle! Now’s the time.

Our playoff hopes are on the line.

We need a win to have a chance to play another day.

Let’s go Seattle! It’s your turn to act on lessons that you’ve learned and show the Cardinals what you’ve got before it is too late.

Let’s go Seattle! Time to pray that Dan Quinn’s Falcons lose their way.

For that is what must happen if you want to play next week.

Let’s go Seattle! Just believe! Resolve to win on New Years Eve!

Just do your best before your fans and listen to them roar! Go Hawks!

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