KOMO Newsradio says "happy landings" to veteran traffic reporter Paul Tosch

KOMO Newsradio says "happy landings" to veteran traffic reporter Paul Tosch

After 25 years on the air at KOMO radio, Paul Tosch is retiring today. The Washington native has been covering area traffic from his single engine Cessna since 1991, logging more than 35,000 hours in the air.

Tosch secured his pilot's license at age 16. He parlayed his flying skills and some college radio experience into one of the longest traffic reporting careers in Seattle radio history.

Tosch says he started as a last minute substitute for his KOMO predecessor Ted Potter.

"I was the guy standing there on the tarmac," he says. "Not literally but I was there and I filled in, and that was the start of it."

Tosch soon found himself reporting on both the morning and evening commutes for KOMO. He figures he has spent the equivalent of three airline pilot careers in the air. In that time, he has seen traffic volumes ebb and flow along with the local economy.

"People ask me is traffic worse now than it ever was, and I would say no. I can remember times specifically in the mid-90s where drive times were much worse than they are now," he says. "We have a lot more freeway now. We have more capacity."

With his traffic reporting career at an end, Tosch says he is done flying. Instead he is headed for Bali, Indonesia, where he and wife Stacey Tosch own a small resort. The couple are avid scuba divers.

Reporter Marina Rockinger will assume Tosch's former duties, covering traffic mornings and afternoons on KOMO radio.

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