A holiday-themed Seahawks poem for Blue Friday

12th Man Flag (file photo).

In honor of Blue Friday and the Seattle Seahawks heading to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Christmas Eve, Pastor Greg Asimakoupoulus reads you his weekly Seahawks poem to get you all in the game day spirit! (Click the picture above to hear the poem).

On the day before Christmas in Jerry Jones house
the Seahawks and Cowboys will get ready to joust.

The fans of both teams will be seeing bright red
while dreams of the playoffs still dance in their heads.

Most 12s from Seattle will watch from some pub
while some are in Dallas thanks to tix from stub-hub.

Mama and her 12 scarf and I in my jersey
will pray that our O-Line will grant Russ some mercy.

But a wink of Pete’s eye and a twist of his head
assured us Hawk watchers we’ve nothing to dread.

This Season means Carrolls that tell us what’s true.
So Christmas Eve evening we’ll know what we’ll do.

We’ll toast our loved coach and his team that has fight with…
“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

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