Woman accidentally shot by friend who tried to save her from attacking pit bull

Betty Walker was shot in the leg after she called for one of her friends to shoot her dog.JPG

A North Las Vegas woman is speaking out after she was shot by a friend who was trying to save her from an attacking pit bull.

The gunshot victim, 42-year-old Betty Walker, says the bullet went through the pit bull and hit her in the leg.

"When I went to put my plate down -- we were barbecuing -- the dog attacked," Walker said. "Latched to my arm."

Walker tells us it's a barbecue she will never forget. She says the pit bull, named Bugsy, jumped on her Thursday night inside her North Las Vegas Home.

"I put this hand in the dog's mouth to try to pull it off," Walker said. "It bit this arm and broke it. The dog wouldn't let go."

Walker then yelled for help.

"I thought he probably was going to kill me. I thought he was going to kill me," Walker said. "That's why I said what I said. 'Somebody shoot the dog.'"

Her friend, who remains unidentified, obliged, and Walker was rushed to UMC hospital with a serious bite mark to her left forearm, a broken right hand, and a bullet to her right leg.

"I am glad to be alive. I don't know with this bullet in my leg," Walker said.

Bugsy died from the bullet wound .

"I feel bad for him, but he was vicious," said Walker.

Walker says she knew the pit bull well and never expected it to attack.

"He was a good dog," Walker said. "He never -- I have two mutts running around here and he never attacked them. He always was good."

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