Three dead, two injured in shootings near Penn State

State College police were investigating a shooting scene at P.J. Harrigan's Bar and Grill. (Photo: Alexis Wainwright/WJAC)

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WJAC) — Three people are dead and two people are injured in a pair of shootings in State College Thursday night, police said.

Police said the gunman is among the dead, killed by a self-inflicted gunshot. State College police investigated two shooting locations overnight and into the early morning hours of Friday. They said the shootings at the two locations were carried out by the same gunman.

State College Police Chief John Gardner said it started around 10:17 p.m. at the P.J. Harrigan’s Bar & Grill. He said the gunman opened fire inside, hitting two men and one woman. Gardner said the only connection the gunman had to any of the victims was the woman at the bar. He said she is or was his girlfriend.

Gardner said one of the men in the bar died there while the other man and the woman were taken to Mt. Nittany Medical Center, then eventually flown to another hospital in critical condition.

The gunman got away, Gardner said, and drove less than two miles and crashed his car. That’s where the gunman ran into a nearby housing complex and either broke or shot his way into home.

There, the gunman shot and killed a man, who had no prior relation with him. Gardner said the man’s wife locked herself into a bedroom and called 9-1-1.

Before police could arrive, Gardner said the gunman killed himself inside the home.

A car, believed to be the gunman’s, was surrounded by police and eventually towed away and escorted by State College police cruisers. The car appeared to have an out-of-state license plate.

Gardner said he plans to release more information at a briefing Friday afternoon.

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