Bank credits money stolen from Richard Overton's account

Thieves emptied a bank account belonging to 112-year-old Richard Overton. (Photo: CBS Austin)

UPDATE: The money stolen from 112-year-old Richard Overton's bank account has been restored.

The oldest living WWII vet's account was emptied out after a thief stole his identity and bank information.

Bank of America now says they are investigating the issue to help resolve the matter for Mr. Overton, and have credited his account.


Someone has been withdrawing money from Richard Overton's bank account, which has been emptied out.

The family of the 112-year-old says thieves got a hold of Overton's Social Security number and bank account information which they used to purchase bonds.

"Upset and just wondering who could do something to Richard like this," said Volma Overton, Richard's cousin. "What happened to the rest of the money?"

According to Overton, he noticed something suspicious Wednesday when he deposited money in Richard's checking account.

He saw the only money in the account was what he had just deposited.

The bank told him Treasury Direct withdrew money four different times.

Friday morning, they learned someone set up an account with Treasury Direct using Overton's name and social security number to withdraw money and buy savings bonds.

"He's going to be upset," said Martin Wilford, a close family friend. "We are trying to keep him in his home through all types of fundraisers, and someone could just take from him? You're going to do that to him? Shame on you."

Overton, the nation's oldest living World War II veteran, is still taken care of by way of a GoFundMe account that helps pay for his care.

Austin Police officials say they are working closely with the Overton family.

Overton says he and the rest of the family have seen the uproar on social media after this story broke, and he is hoping this leads to an arrest.

"Hopefully justice will be done," Overton said.

The bank has contacted Treasury Direct to see if they can identify who started the account.

In May, Overton celebrated his 112th birthday.

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