Texas school district tickets hundreds of drivers for ignoring bus stop signs

A driver is seen on camera disregarding a school bus stop sign. (Photo: WOAI)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WOAI) — San Antonio Indendent School District has been ticketing bad drivers since mid-October. New bus surveillance cameras are being used to ticket drivers who ignore school bus stop signs.

"This catches people in the front of the bus, and it also catches them in the back,” said Nathan Graf from SAISD. "The goal is to decrease the number of people passing buses illegally, and making sure that they stop."

After weeks of warnings, the district started issuing $300 fines in mid-October. Those who pass the signs illegally are given 30 days to pay.

“I think it should be higher,” said one parent referring to the fines. “You're talking about children’s lives, and there’s no price for that."

According to a spokesperson from SAISD, roughly 100 people are ticketed by these cameras per-day, including more than 1,800 in 4 weeks. However, this number has decreased since this fall’s warning period.

"Unfortunately, it's widespread,” said Graf. “Most of our drivers report violations daily."

Northeast Independent School District used similar cameras last school year. A spokesperson from NEISD tells us that they issued roughly 15,000 tickets during that time period.

Parents hope the new ticketing program will help keep children safe from bad drivers.

"A child is a gift from God,” said one parent. “A child is priceless."

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