Teen boy charged with murdering husband and wife inside Virginia house, police say

Police on scene Friday of a fatal shooting in Fairfax County. (Photo, ABC7)

RESTON, Va. (WJLA) - A 17-year-old boy has been charged with murdering a husband and wife inside their Reston home on Friday, police say.

The boy is currently in the hospital in life-threatening condition after shooting himself after allegedly shooting Buckley Kuhn Fricker, 43, and her husband Scott Fricker, 48.

The boy, who is from Lorton, knew both Buckley and Scott and allegedly shot them after being confronted by them inside the house, according to police.

Janet Kuhn, the mother of Buckley, told ABC7's Melissa DiPane that the suspect was the boyfriend of the couple's daughter. Buckley and Scott had been trying to keep their daughter away from him, describing him as dangerous.

Fairfax County Police were called to the 2600 block of Black Fir Court around 5 a.m. Friday morning because of the shooting.

Buckley was an attorney specializing in elder law and ran a geriatric care company. Neighbors say the family had just moved into this home a few months ago and they know at least one child lives in the home.

Four other family members were in the house during the shooting but were not hurt, officials say.

Police have not said if the suspect will be charged as an adult. Because of his medical condition, he has not yet been served with his charging papers.

The shooting remains under investigation and police are asking anyone with information on the incident to call them at 703-691-2131.

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