Office building evacuated after murder-suicide in meeting room

    Office building evacuated after active shooter reported in Dallas Monday, April 24, 2017. (CNN Newsource)

    An office building in Dallas, Texas was reportedly evacuated after authorities said people reported a shooting Monday morning at their workplace.

    According to the Dallas Police Department, a man and woman were found dead inside a meeting room. They believe the man shot the woman, then himself.

    The woman was a supervisor of the male coworker.

    The two were not identified at the time of this post, pending family notifications.

    Police had to use a shotgun to gain entry into the office space of the 7th floor in the building.

    When they entered the meeting room, the two bodies were inside.

    It took several hours to sweep the building to make it safe for people to return in the morning for work.

    Dallas Fire-Rescue told KXAS that emergency crews were dispatched to the interstate service road around 10:45 local time.

    Amanda Moore said she was on the 10th floor when they were alerted to the emergency.

    "The police came up and told us 'hands up,'" before everyone was escorted down 10 flights of stairs to safety.

    "We're all pretty shaken by it."

    Moore said federal agents were recently on the 7th floor, but didn't know exactly what transpired Monday morning.

    A cracked window could be seen from the 7th floor of the builidng.

    The SWAT team was called to assist in the investigation.

    The building was cleared by the afternoon.

    One officer reported a minor injury from the glass that broke during the investigation.

    This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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