North Carolina girl writes letter to Santa asking for a kidney for her brother

A little girl left a letter for Santa at the Lowe’s store in Franklin asking for a kidney for her brother. (Photo: WLOS staff)

FRANKLIN, N.C. (WLOS) — This time of year, children write to Santa with their wish list for Christmas, most hoping for toys. But one little girl wanted something more special.

"Some may not believe in you. But I do. One thing I really want for Christmas is my big brother to get a kidney transplant. PLEASE," the little girl wrote.

The letter was dropped off at Santa's Mailbox in a Lowe's store.

Store associate manager Shelly Thomas thinks the little girl named Kaitlyn may have been visiting from Florida, but Thomas still wants to find her.

“Hopefully, get a little bit of interest in some folks getting tested and show how important it really is,” Thomas said.

Customers said they find Kaitlyn’s actions heartwarming and reflective of this time of year.

“It just makes me want to cry that kids ask for so much these days and you have a kid that all they want is a kidney for their brother,’" Pam Wallace said.

“Knowing that your letter is going to Santa Claus and that he's going to bring you anything you want and to ask for something that important for someone else just means so much,” Andi McNair said.

Thomas said they're getting the story out as much as possible, including social media, in hopes of helping the family.

True spirit of the season,” Wallace said.

“It's definitely the true meaning of Christmas, for sure,” McNair said.

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