Mother indicted in murder of two children

Catherine Hoggle. (Photo: MCPD)

WASHINGTON - A mother was indicted on murder charges Thursday over the deaths of her two children.

Jacob and Sarah Hoggle disappeared in September 2014.

Their mother, Catherine, was ruled a prime suspect almost immediately, but she's been repeatedly ruled incompetent to stand trial.

Misdemeanor charges against her were set to expire Friday, but this new indictment will ensure that she remains in custody.

Sarah and Jacob Hoggle were 3 and 2, respectively, when they went missing in September, 2014. According to police, they were last seen with their mother in Clarksburg, Maryland.

Hoggle has been charged with abduction, neglect and hindering the investigation of her kids' disappearance.

Jacob and Sarah's father, Troy Turner, still has hope that his children are alive. He told WJLA in September, 2016, that he believes Hoggle is fit to stand trial.

Hoggle has paranoid schizophrenia, but had stopped taking her medication shortly before her children went missing, according to family members. In November, 2014, Hoggle said in court that her children were still alive.

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