Man driving cross-country to reunite 8-year-old fighting cancer with dog

A stranger is driving cross-country to re-unite an 8-year-old battling brain cancer in Utah with his beloved dog, Frank. (Photo courtesy Miller family)

(KUTV) — A complete stranger offered to drive across the country to reunite an 8-year-old child fighting cancer in Utah with his beloved dog.

8-year-old Perryn Miller, of North Carolina, is fighting a brain tumor in Utah after it was discovered while his family was visiting for the holidays.

As it turns out, his four-legged loved one could be the medicine he really needs.

“I have a German Shepherd dog,” he said during an interview. “What's his name? Frank.”

Miller has Stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme, a rare, aggressive cancer in children.

Doctors in North Carolina told Miller's parents he needed to get used to his prescription glasses, and gave him allergy medicine for his migraines. But while he was in Utah, he got sick, ended up in the ER, and then in emergency surgery for a brain tumor.

Now, Miller's family says they will stay in Utah to get his treatment.

“He does have a long journey; hopefully Frank helps him out,” said Robert Reynolds, who was driving across the country on Friday with Miller's dog, 8-month-old Frank.

Reynolds doesn't know Perryn or his family, but he saw Miller's story on Facebook and, when he saw what Perryn was going through, he said he had to help.

“I just think it's a great thing that Frank can be there with him and help him recover,” he said.

Reynolds, a former long-haul truck driver set out on the journey driving across the country with Frank.

“Here's Frank, he's got the whole back of the Subaru,” he said.

Frank has now been through seven states, with Reynolds documenting the journey along the way.

“He's going to go up and become a cowboy tonight, he will be in Cheyenne, Wyoming," Reynolds said Friday.

The pair are expected to be in Utah sometime Saturday afternoon.

“Frank is excited to get out of the car, I think, and excited to get home — his new home for a while,” Reynolds said.

The family does have a GoFundMe set up to help with their son's mounting medical bills.

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