Dog with terminal cancer gets free cheeseburgers for life to help take medication

A Toledo-area Burger King has offered free cheeseburgers for life to a dog who has terminal cancer (Courtesy: Alex Karcher)

A dog and his family will get to spend the rest of his life with a little extra dose of kindness, thanks to a Toledo-area Burger King. The restaurant offered to give him free cheeseburgers for life to help with his medication after hearing his story.

Cody, a beloved 10-year-old dog, was diagnosed with terminal cancer about two months ago, according to his owner. Since then, Alex Karcher says every day the family has gone by a Burger King to buy Cody a plain cheeseburger to make taking all of his medication a little easier and more enjoyable.

In a message posted to Twitter, Karcher says when they stopped by the Burger King on Sunday, an employee asked them about buying a plain cheeseburger. When she heard the story, she asked them to wait, and then went to talk to a manager. Then she told the family that the rest of the cheeseburgers they buy for Cody would be free at that restaurant.

Karcher says they can't explain how much that simple gesture means to them, as they deal with the heartbreaking news and try to make the rest of Cody's life the best that they can.

Burger King saw the tweet, and replied back thanking Alex for the chance to do it, saying "the world needs a little more kindness and empathy".

A round of applause for the Burger King on Alexis Road in Toledo.

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