Clark County Museum to preserve memorials, tributes from 1 October shooting

A visitor inspects the 58 crosses lining the green immediately north of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign near Mandalay Bay (background) on Friday, Oct. 7, 2017. (Marvin Clemons | KSNV)

Two weeks ago, the Las Vegas valley changed forever.

Whatever your emotion during or after the tragedy known as 1 October — either fear, anger, sadness or even hope in the wake of the tragedy — it has manifested itself in physical form on the Las Vegas Strip.

The white crosses and candles at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign has become a healing bandage over our collective scar.

For Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson, it’s that image — the one of people mourning and giving — that will be the enduring one.

“The things I remember are the response from police and fire and average citizens and how they respond,” Gibson said Sunday. “That’s what overtakes you when you think about it, and that — I think — has already overtaken people.”

It was announced last week that the Clark County Museum will collect the tributes left in public rights of way in response to the 1 October incident so that they can be preserved and catalogued.

The 30-acre museum is located at 1830 S. Boulder Highway.

Those interested in donating 1 October artifacts to the museum should email the museum at

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