Zanadu Comics closing after 42 years

Zanadu Comics closing after 42 years (KOMO News) 

SEATTLE -- Zanadu Comics, a Seattle institution, is closing its doors for good Sunday after 42 years.

“There’s a feeling of loss,” owner Perry Plush said, though he prefers the title “president and janitor.”

Plush opened Zanadu in 1975 after he was laid off from a construction job in Colorado. He didn’t expect the business to survive for long, but soon its popularity took off.

At its peak in the early 1990s, Zanadu had three stores.

But Plush said the recent recession hit them hard, and after a tough decade downtown, the final store is closing its doors for good Sunday.

“I’ve accepted it,” Plush said. “Maybe I’ll go get a real job.”

Customers tried to save Zanadu with a GoFundMe Page, and raised more than $16,000. But it wasn’t enough to sustain the store.

“I’ve looked at all the options and did everything, and what it came down to is the numbers just don’t add up anymore,” Plush said.

Plush built a community through comics, including the Wednesday Warriors, a group that would show up for new comic sales each week.

Plush considers the effort to save his store a testament to what he’ll miss most: the friendships he made and that community he found.

Zanadu will still sell some comics online. Their big closing sale ends Sunday evening, and anything they don’t sell will be boxed up and listed on the internet.

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