World-famous Cannabis Farmers Market reopens in Seattle

SEATTLE - Outside 7 Point Studios more than 2,000 cannabis patients lined the sidewalk to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Cannabis Farmers Market.

Most patients were from out-of-town, as the Cannabis Farmers Market was forced by city officials to close its original location in Tacoma.

The market was closed for about a month, and now the owners have purchased a Seattle business license, and say this is where they plan to stay.

"For 38 days we had patients calling, vendors calling that couldn't pay their mortgage because this is where they sold their excess medicine," said Kristi Miller, co-owner of the Cannabis Farmers Market. "Tacoma officials considered this a business, and not a collective."

The Cannabis Farmers Market is world famous, the first and largest of its kind to date.

Local grower Joe Parker was one of many vendors who catered to medical marijuana patients looking for the best cannabis to fill prescriptions.

"It's huge," he says. "So many people come here, so many farmers with such great medicine."

At the market, patients can sample the medical cannabis, which some say is a way to celebrate their freedom.

The Cannabis Farmers Market plans to be open every first and third Sunday of the month.
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