Woman who lost family in Oso wants to inspire with 'random acts of art'

Nichole Wilde's daughter began passing out these small pieces of art to strangers in 2013.

ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Hearing joy and hope in Nichole Wilde's voice is a miracle.

"I'm super-blessed," she says.

It's a miracle after she suffered so much heartbreak in the landslide near Oso in 2015.

She lost her parents, her daughter, Delaney, and her future son-in-law when the hillside gave away. In all, 43 people were killed.

"I had a really rough, rough time after the mudslide and the loss of my mom and dad and Delaney and Alan and the neighbors," she said.

As she struggled to move forward, she looked to the past. In 2013, Delaney started passing out small pieces of art to strangers, just to make them smile.

"It was a great idea at the time, and it's still a great idea. And great ideas need legs to carry them forward. So I guess I'm those legs," Wilde said.

Wilde, who lives in Florida, is setting out on a cross-country road trip. The mission is to inspire people with random acts of art.

"It's the next logical step in a life that has been incredibly blessed. Everybody has tragedy, and life is cycles," she said.

Wilde, a master quilter, is teaching classes to pay for the trip.

She spreads joy, but Delaney also fills her thoughts.

"She would think I was awesome. She would say, 'Mom that's bomb diggity.' "

She's hoping anyone who may have one of Delaney's cards will reach out to her. She would love to see them.

You can learn more about Wilde's art project here.

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