Woman tries to save victim in suspected DUI crash in Pierce County

    Woman tries to save victim in suspected DUI crash in Pierce County

    SUMNER, Wash. -- The first people on the scene of a suspected deadly DUI crash jumped into action trying to save a life. One woman said they did everything they could until paramedics arrived.

    People along the Sumner Tapps Highway where it happened Tuesday night want this to be a warning about that stretch of road and about driving impaired.

    It occurred at about 6 p.m. It was dark on what neighbors call a dangerous curve. A car had stopped to turn left and was rear-ended by what the sheriff's department calls an impaired driver of a pickup. Then that car was hit head-on by another with two teens on board.

    Rebecca Hunt said she came to the scene and jumped into action with one thought, "Let's just save this lady. God, help me. God, help me save this lady."

    She said she and two others rotated doing CPR until paramedics arrived and then she learned the woman didn't make it.

    "I just said a prayer. I think that's the only thing you can do," Hunt said.

    The Pierce County Medical Examiner identified the woman as 65-year-old Margo Garcia Sabater of Sumner. The Sheriff's Department said her husband is in serious, but stable condition.

    If he ever reaches out to her, Hunt says this is what she'll tell him, "I think that his wife didn't suffer. I don't think that she suffered because by the time we got to her she had already passed." And that she didn't die alone. "Nope, we stayed with her the whole time."

    This isn't the first time Hunt witnessed a deadly crash.

    "His name is Elliott Richard Pape." She carries his button. He was the Bat Boy for the Tampa Bay Rays and died in a motorcycle crash in Florida in 2005 that she witnessed.

    "I ran across a highway of I think eight lanes when I saw his body to try to go over and save his life. But he was definitely passed." She said she made sure he didn't die alone.

    How does she handle all of this? She's a mental health professional.

    "I think that God puts us in situations in which he knows we can handle," she said.

    In the Sumner crash, the sheriff's office said the teens are going to be okay. The driver of the pickup is still in the hospital and as soon as blood tests come back, the driver could be charged with vehicular homicide and assault.

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