Woman charged with hate crime after Facebook post

SEATTLE -- Prosecutors say Sandra Jametski videoed herself chasing a woman in her car in November 2016. She blamed the woman's daughter for causing a car crash.

Police say it didn't happen.

The video has landed Jametski behind bars, charged with a hate crime.

"This is what calls to be Spanish privileged in America," she says in the video

She gets more agitated as she drives.

"They're Spanish. They don't even deserve to be on our f****** country," she says in the video.

She followed the woman to a school parking lot and confronted her. A bystander intervened, and the two women separated.

Jametski posted the 10-minute video on Facebook, where the family of the woman she followed saw it.

"It just shouted danger to all of us," said Adriana Graybill, the woman's daughter. "We were super frightened. We called 911."

In the video, Jametski says, "Police Precinct 4, I hope you are watching this."

Law enforcement did, and deputies arrested her.

Prosecutors charged her with malicious harassment, a hate crime.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Mike Hogan said Jametski "indicated her motive at the scene by her anti-Latino by her statements and she also provided that evidence in the video."

Among the things she says in the video: "I am encased by Spanish people all around me so it's OK to lie to a police officer if you are Spanish because you can get away with it here in America."

Jametski, 48, is being held on $500,000 bail -- an unusually high among based on her criminal history.

She has pleaded not guilty. Her attorney did not respond to requests to comment.

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