Window pane falls 300 feet from downtown Seattle high-rise

Window pane falls 300 feet from downtown Seattle high-rise Wednesday, June 7, 2016. (KOMO)

SEATTLE (KOMO) -- A scary scene unfolded Wednesday evening just a block from Pike Place Market when a high rise condo window fell more than 300 feet onto a parking lot below.

"We heard it, we could see it falling around," said Tim Perry, whose trip to the city from Bellingham was cut short when shards of glass shattered his windshield.

As police blocked off the scene, crews at 1521 on 2nd Avenue Condos found the problem more than 30 floors above. The problem ended up being a double pane window in an empty apartment that for some reason split.

Somehow, no one below was hurt. The only damage reported was to the windows of half a dozen cars.

"Who knows what would've happened," said Perry. "We literally got in the car so a few seconds later it would've rained down on our heads."

Thursday afternoon, the building manager told KOMO News in an email that they had hired a "building science and professional engineering firm" to investigate.

"That investigation will include examination of the particular involved window space as well as inspection of the curtainwall for any damage or potential risk factors," wrote Jerry Ringenberg.

Ringenberg also said the board will "act promptly" with the recommendations to prevent it from happening again.

The condo is asking anyone with damage to contact their office at 206-464-1521.

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