Wife identifies crew member aboard missing Seattle-based fishing boat

ST. GEORGE, Alaska - A crew member aboard a missing Seattle-based fishing boat has been identified.

Coast Guard crews in Alaska are searching for the fishing vessel Destination, a 98-foot crab boat from the Port of Seattle last heard from near St. George, Alaska.

The boat was reported missing Saturday night after Coast Guard watchstanders received a radio beacon alert from the vessel. The beacon was later found approximately two miles northwest of Saint George, an island off the southern coast of Alaska, U.S. Coast Guard 17th District said.

The beacon was caught up in a pile of debris, including buoys, a life-ring from the boat and an oil sheen.

Gail O'Grady says her husband, Larry O'Grady, has been fishing on the Destination for the past 20 years, and that he's been fishing in Alaska for close to 30 years. She says Larry serves as the boat's engineer and fill-in captain.

She and her husband live in Poulsbo. The last time she saw him was in December.

Gail, as well as other fisherman and loved ones who knew Larry and the rest of the crew, say they were exceptionally experienced.

'Whatever did happen, happened very fast," Gail said.

Citizens in St. George have assembled a search party to patrol the shoreline for any signs of the crew or vessel.

A 370-foot Coast Guard Cutter arrived Sunday morning from Dutch Harbor to help search surrounding waters, along with several helicopters and fishing boats.

Coast Guard authorities say they hope for the best.

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