White Center fan's fireworks celebrating Seahawks touchdowns angering neighbors

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WHITE CENTER, Wash. (KOMO) -- Tensions are running high in a White Center neighborhood after neighbors said someone is firing a cannon or fireworks after the Seahawks score touchdowns, and the blasts are scaring animals.

Last Monday at a neighborhood meeting to come up with a solution, a fight broke out and Klon Turner said he was assaulted.

Turner said he’s been a Seahawks fan since day one, and just like every other 12, he celebrates when the team scores.

However, Turner said the celebrations are backfiring and neighbors blame him for shooting fireworks or a cannon in the neighborhood after touchdowns.

Tensions got so high, someone assaulted Turner at a neighborhood meeting addressing the noise last Monday at the White Center Library.

"I think everybody was angry on both sides of the issue. I was mad because I was the one being pointed out as doing it all,” Turner said. “There were some words exchanged and a guy is yelling at me to shut up."

Neighbors have been complaining online about their terrified dogs. One neighbor sent KOMO a photo of her dog cowering in the bathtub after loud bangs.

Other dog owners said their concerned for the neighborhood dogs.

"Just you know it's a neighborhood and its kind of disrespectful to have that sort of thing going off,” said Laura Oxford. “Before we got our windows replacedit would shake the windows on our house.”

John McKlosky said the fights have gone too far and it is time for a solution.

"It's football, it's an American thing,” said McKlosky. “I'm sorry for the dogs that it really upsets because I’m sure it really does -- but beyond that it's not worth all the hullabaloo."

Turner said while the noise doesn't bother him, he has every reason not to be behind it.

"There's me, my wife and my grandson live here, and two dogs I don't know I don't feel that I'm a danger,” said Turner.

King County Sheriff deputies said three people were cited at that meeting, including Turner.

Deputies also said it is only legal to shoot any kind of fireworks in unincorporated King County on the Fourth of July from 9 a.m. to Midnight and from 6 p.m. December 31st to until 1 a.m. on January 1st.

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