West Seattle rallies to save a community icon

West Seattle is rallying to save a beloved local business, C&P Coffee Co. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- West Seattle is rallying to help the owners of a coffee shop who are trying to save their business.

The property where C & P Coffee Company is located was listed for sale last month, but the owners can't afford the down payment costs on their own, so they've reached out to customers for help.

"I think the community is behind us, so we're lucky to have that," said C & P Coffee Company owner Cameron Moores.

So far, the coffee shop has raised more than $75,000.

They're trying to reach $240,000 for a down payment and legal fees.

"This place has been my lifesaver, it's been a source of joy, it's been a sense of community," said customer Nancy Cipiti, who stops in almost every day.

The coffee shop is beloved by many, and that's why customers are trying to help the coffee shop owners buy the place.

"Over the years we've opened the doors and tried to welcome the community in, and it wasn't really until this whole thing happened that we realized how important this place was to the community," said Pete Moores.

The property, at 5612 California Ave. S.W. is considered historic. It was built in the early 1900s.

On Tuesday, supporters from Historic Seattle came out to raise awareness and help the Moores.

They're trying to keep the building from being demolished for development.

"This is meant to show our love for the building and to say 'Hey, we care'. There are a lot of people who care and here's why," said Eugenia Woo who is the director of preservation services for Historic Seattle.

"It would be a real shame for this to go away," said Cipiti. "It would be a real loss for the community to build one more big soulless building."

The real estate agent for the property declined to comment for this story, and the sellers could not be reached.

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