'We need to find this guy': Man accused of groping girl now suspect in second case

A man suspected of sexually assaulting a young girl in Edmonds and an attempted assault in Lynnwood (Surveillance photos provided by Edmonds Police.)

EDMONDS, Wash. -- A man suspected of sexually assaulting a young girl in an Asian supermarket in Edmonds earlier this month is now a suspect in a second attempted assault of another girl later that same day, Edmonds police say.

The first assault happened at the Ranch 99 Market on Sept. 15. A mother and two girls were shopping when a man approached a 9-year old girl after following her around for a few minutes.

He managed to touch the girl in her private parts and then took off. The girl then ran and told her parent.

As the investigation continued, Edmonds police received an anonymous tip that led them to check surveillance video from the same evening at the H-Mart in Lynnwood. Detectives now believe the same suspect tried to assault another girl an hour late.

"We need to find this guy," Edmonds police said.

On Friday, Alicia Lynch and her 3-year old daughter visited H-Mart.

“It’s super distressing,” said Lynch. “I’m glad supermarkets and other places have surveillance video.”

Shoppers wonder how it could happen in a busy supermarket on a weekend.

Others are confused that it happened twice in one day.

“For him to just get away with twice with that incident that's just not for right. for someone to do that,” said shopper Tara Parcon.

The latest incident has provided better surveillance images of their suspect, but he remains unidentified.

Edmonds police say the attacker is bold and that he’s a 'great risk to the public' and that's why they want to find him soon.

The person accused of the sexual assault is a man in his 50's or 60's with a possible goatee. He was wearing a bright blue shirt and dark shorts.

Anyone with information should call Edmonds Police.

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