'We don't expect it to last long': Skagit River about to claim teetering home

    A home in Lyman is about to fall into the Skagit River. (Photo: BrieAnna Anderson)

    LYMAN, Wash. -- A home that has been on the edge of a crumbling Skagit River bank in Lyman is about to surrender to erosion.

    BrieAnna Anderson says the weekend floods have claimed even more of their yard, and now part of the home is actually teetering over the river.

    "The next flood has come and taken our septic tank today and the land's slowly caving in," Anderson said. "We don't expect it to stand long."

    Video of Anderson's home from November, 2017:

    Her home is one of three along the bank in danger of falling into the river. As of Tuesday night Anderson said the house was still standing but the whole living room floor had washed away.

    Anderson and her fiance, Michael Taxdahl, bought the home in 2008.

    "Nobody ever figured in our lifetime that this was going to happen here or else we would have moved years ago," her fiance Michael Taxdahl said in November when the bank first began eroding.

    Video from Air 4 showing the flooding scene in November, 2017:

    Anderson says they have received some donations from local friends and family, but still have yet to receive any help from the state or FEMA.

    "Just poor excuses and pretty much told to figure it out ourselves," she said. "Us and our three little girls have been living in a camping trailer just waiting."

    In November, Lyman's mayor Eddie Hills said since there was no declaration of a federal emergency from President Trump, FEMA is unable to buy back the properties.

    The Skagit County Board of Commissioners has sent a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers requesting emergency action to construct a temporary berm to prevent more erosion, but Gov. Jay Inslee warned then it's a lengthy process to get approval.

    Family and friends have set up several GoFundMe accounts to help those residents impacted by the flooding along the Skagit River.

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