'We are tired of these shootings:' Seattle students walk out to protest gun violence

Hundreds of students and Franklin High School took to the streets on Friday, June 8, 2018, to honor their classmate - who was killed in a shooting last week - and to rally against gun violence. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - It's been nearly a week since a 17-year-old Ryan Dela Cruz was shot and killed in a South Seattle park. Police said he and his friends were telling ghost stories when a stranger's car pulled up and opened fire.

On Friday, hundreds of students and Franklin High School took to the streets to honor their classmate - who was just weeks away from graduation - and to rally against gun violence.

“It just shows that our school is involved, that we’re the change and we can do something,” said student Halimi Dadi.

The students lined Rainier Avenue carrying signs messages against violence.

“Some of the people who drive by might be living in a different area of Seattle where this won’t happen, so they can recognize this is happening, that kids are being killed by these guns.” said student Annie Vo.

“It’s very inspiring! Just like the kids from Parkland who got organized, I think this is wonderful…. And hopefully with repetition of this kind of thing, our voice will begin to be heard.” Susan Jones who lives in South Seattle.

Although their friend won't be with them at graduation, many of the students hope choosing action will eventually bring change.

"It’s been really hard. He was like a friend to all of us,” said student Elainie Kassa. "Because we’re the future. We’re kids, we’re going to grow into adults, and we need to keep our community and our society safe.”

Some students from Rainier Beach and Garfield High Schools also took part in the rally.

Seattle police said right now there are no new leads in the shooting investigation.

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