WATCH: Seattle police officers hop on jet ski to save kayakers

WATCH: Seattle police officers hop on jet ski to save kayakers. (Screen shot of video courtesy Seattle Police Department)

SEATTLE -- This is not something you see everyday.

Two Seattle police officers "commandeered" a jet ski late Wednesday night to save two kayakers out on Lake Washington, according to a Seattle Police Department news release.

One of the kayakers called 911 about 7 p.m. Wednesday saying his boat was full of water and he was having a hard time breathing.

He also told police he couldn't swim and wasn't wearing a life jacket. His friend was also out of her boat and in the lake.

The release states that when police arrived, they spotted a woman on a jet ski near the shore and were able to flag her down.

Two officers then got on the jet ski and headed toward the kayakers.

Officers were able to reach both kayakers, tossing the woman a life ring and pulling the man onto the back of the jet ski. A SPD Harbor Unit boat then picked up the kayakers and took them to shore.

The kayakers were assessed on the scene and the jet ski was returned to its owner.

Seattle police want to remind people that while the weather is getting warmer, the water is extremely cold. Don't forget to wear a life jacket while out on the water in the area.

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