Watch: Lynnwood Subway worker brutally assaulted over parking spot

An employee was brutally attacked Monday night at a Subway sandwich shop in Lynnwood.

LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- An employee was brutally attacked Monday night at a Subway sandwich shop in Lynnwood. Police say it was all over a parking space and they hope newly released surveillance video will lead to an arrest.

According to the victim's father, the employee is so badly hurt, he can't talk or eat. On Monday, he's going to have surgery to have titanium plates put in his jaw.

“Find this guy please," said father David Alvarez. "Just get his face out there and hopefully somebody can recognize him and turn him in."

It’s a desperate plea from a father. Alvarez is asking everyone to take a close look at this surveillance video.

He wants to find the guy who brutally attacked his 29-year-old son Juan.

“He got pounded pretty good," Alvarez said. "He tried to defend himself."

“It was unnecessary," he added. "There shouldn't be any violence over a parking spot. Over someone who asked you to move your car. It's ridiculous."

According to police, a man parked sideways in front of the subway in a way that took up three parking spots.

“My son Juan just asked if the guy could park his car normally and park in one stall because they weren't closing for another hour and a half. Other customers were coming in.”

Police say the man grabbed bags of chips and started throwing them at the employee.The man then jumped over the counter and started attacking Juan.

As the attacker started leaving, Juan announced he was going to call the police. The man came back and attacked the employee again.

The man left and Juan tried to call 911 and the attacker returned a third time.

“The guy grabbed the phone out of my son's hand and broke his phone and then attacked him,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez says he's still in shock thinking about what he saw in the video.

“My son is 6’1”, he added. "This guy is about the same height as him, (but) 100 pounds heavier than my son. It just wasn't right."

Loved ones and co-workers all talk about how hard Juan works.

“He's been working a subway for 10-12 years, on and off, Alvarez said. "Working at two different Subways. Juan is a really nice kid. He's not violent. I've never seen him act out towards anybody. For this guy to attack my son like that is really unnecessary.”

According to police, the attacker took off in a white Chevy Blazer or possibly Ford Blazer. The man is in his late 20's to early-30's and is about 6 feet tall. He was last seen wearing a dark grey or black t-shirt, black shorts and black shoes.

As for the victim, his family is raising money with a GoFundMe account to help pay for his medical bills. His father says he doesn’t have health insurance.

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