WATCH: Desperate hummingbird tries to save mate trapped in frozen feeder

A desperate hummingbird tries to rescue his mate who got trapped in a feeder. (Photo: Peggy Hanson)

SEQUIM, Wash. - A desperate little hummingbird was captured on video trying unsuccessfully to save its mate who became trapped in a bird feeder this week in Sequim - but luckily the woman who spotted the heartbreaking drama outside her window was able to come to the rescue.

Afterwards, Peggy Hanson posted the video on her Facebook page, along with this observation: "The ASTOUNDING thing about this video is that the male is actually attempting to lift the female out of the well!!! And the experts say that birds don't have human emotions? Why would he care whether she died in the well then ... you tell me!"

Hanson says she brought the feeder inside her house when she saw what was happening, and then the trapped hummingbird was able to get free. But the tiny feathered creature was hurt or exhausted and couldn't fly - so Hanson scooped her up and took her to Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner which transferred the bird to Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue.

The folks there are holding and treating the hummingbird until after the winter storm - after which they plan to return her to Hanson's yard where she can live happily ever after.

Hanson obviously loves hummingbirds - so much so that she sticks hand warmers from Costco to the bottom of the feeder to keep the nectar from freezing. And she always keeps a warm spare feeder in the house during freezing weather so that she can quickly switch them when the one outside runs low on nectar.

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