Wad of stolen cash gives away 'criminal mastermind,' Auburn police say

    The suspect was caught with a wad of stolen cash sticking out of his back pocket, police say. (Photo credit: Auburn Police Dept.)

    AUBURN, Wash. - A "sketchy dude" arrested minutes after an Auburn bank robbery with a large wad of stolen cash protruding from his back pocket was no criminal mastermind, Auburn police said in a Facebook post about his arrest.

    The hashtag-packed post goes on to describe what was quite possibly one of the most easily solved cases that officers in Auburn have encountered in recent years.

    It all began around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday when "one of those Sketchy Dudes we all know and love had walked into the bank and presented a robbery note on a bank withdrawal slip #usewhatyougot #ididntthinkthisonethrough," says the police Facebook posting.

    The suspect remembered to say "please," so bank employees handed over the cash.

    As the suspect fled, one of the employees shot cell phone video of him as he walked through the parking lot.

    Police arrived right away and spotted a man "that looked surprisingly like the description of the aforementioned Sketchy Dude that had just robbed the bank" about 100 feet away, still within sight of the building.

    An officer approached the man and "immediately noticed that the Sketchy Dude had a large wad of cash sticking out of his back pocket! #comeonbro #yourenoteventrying #youcantmakethisstuffup," the posting said.

    Bank employees looked out the window and confirmed that was the suspect.

    "It just so happened that the bank was missing the exact amount of money that Sketchy Dude had protruding out of his back pocket. #imnotadetective #wecallthataclue," said police posting.

    The man was then booked into the King County Jail for investigation of first-degree robbery.

    You can read the entire Auburn police Facebook posting here ...

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