Voters turning down King County arts tax

The Seattle Aquarium is one of the arts and cultural groups that would benefit from the arts tax. (KOMO file photo)

SEATTLE -- Voters were turning down a proposed sales tax increase to fund arts organizations on Tuesday.

In the initial count of ballots, the proposal was losing 55 to 45 percent.

Proposition 1 asked voters to approve a one-tenth of 1 percent hike for seven years to pay for cultural programs.

The tax would amount to 1 cent for every $10 spent. The money is intended to raise $67.4 million for about 350 arts, science and culture organizations.

A supporter of the arts tax did not concede Tuesday night

“The initial results look good. We always knew that this race would be close, and while we won’t get the chance to officially celebrate tonight, we’re proud of this grassroots movement to make arts, science and heritage education more accessible to kids and low-income families,” said Prop. 1 Campaign Manager Jack Sorensen said in a news release. “In the coming days, we’ll continue to watch results as the come in. I believe this campaign made the best case for Prop. 1 and that the discerning voters of King County were receptive to it."

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