Volunteers help King County homeless keep warm

SEATTLE - As temperatures plummeted overnight, the homeless population in King County struggled to keep warm.

Dozens of volunteers walked the streets of Seattle Saturday night to help those in need. Volunteers from the "Sleepless in Seattle" organization gave the homeless basic necessities like sleeping bags to stay warm in the winter.

The donations are also a kind gesture to let those in need know that someone cares.

"Homelessness is a huge problem that won't be solved overnight, but if we can just do our part to care for the person in front of us, that's what it's all about," Eddie Wang, founder of Sleepless in Seattle said.

In Ballard, residents spent their first night at the new city-sanctioned homeless camp. About 45 people will stay in the tents or tiny houses, making the most of a challenging situation.

"Being outside all the time, yeah, it gets cold, and I do miss being inside, especially around the holidays," Ballard camp resident Desiree Hoffman said. "Kind of depressing, you know?"

At Seattle Center, a severe weather shelter opened Saturday night for men and women trying to get off the streets and out of the freezing temperatures. Many shelters in downtown Seattle fill up on cold nights, creating a need for more room.

The shelter at Seattle Center is located near the skate park. It will be open Sunday night, but it's unclear if it will be extended during the week.
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