Violent, intoxicated man tries to disarm police officer in Edmonds

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EDMONDS, Wash. - Police said a 37-year-old man, who was agitated and intoxicated, tried to grab an officer's gun in Edmonds Tuesday night.

Officers were called to a motel in the 221000 block of Highway 99 around 7:00 p.m. after reports a man was being dragged down a hallway.

When police arrived, they found several people holding the man down in the hallway. They said he was highly intoxicated and quickly decided to take him into protective custody.

They said the man was also very agitated, but officers were able to get the man to calm down and sit against a wall while they called an ambulance.

Medics then brought in a gurney to take him to the hospital, but the man refused to cooperate.

Officers were able to convince him to get on the gurney, but he then started yelling at officers and tried to get out of the restraints.

As the man was wheeled out of the building, he started pulling at one of the officer's guns in a holster. Two officers then hit the man with their hands to get him to let go.

The man eventually let go, and the officer was able to secure the gun.

One officer has minor injuries to his hand from the encounter.

Police said the man was so agitated and violent, medics had to give him sedatives just so they could transport him.

The man was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Once released, police said he'll be booked for attempting to disarm an officer.

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