Video shows "acid" attack outside Shoreline family's home

Surveillance video captures a bizarre case of vandalism that’s happened twice to the same family in Shoreline. (Photo: KOMO News)

SHORELINE, Wash. – Surveillance video captured a bizarre case of vandalism that’s happened twice to the same family.

Someone drove up and sprayed an acid or chemical onto the cars in the driveway. It first happened in August, and then again in the early morning hours on Thanksgiving.

“You can see the car come all the way up from the street and they have no lights on, and they are just sort of slowly creeping,” said Shauna Hawthorne, the homeowner. “They had some sort of super-soaker type device because it shot I think 30 feet."

The corrosive liquid caused the paint job to bubble. It also burned holes through plastic components like brake lights and door handles.

The first time it happened, Hawthorne said an insurance adjuster told her the cars would cost more to fix than they were worth. She estimates the latest damage at $10,000.

Hawthorne has a young child and is frightened these attacks might escalate. Perhaps worse, she still doesn't know why it's happening.

“Didn't happen to any other cars on the street,” she said. “I feel like it's very targeted and it's very scary."

Hawthorne said her neighborhood block watch is keeping a look-out for suspicious activity. She hopes if someone knows who's responsible, that they contact the King County Sheriff's Office.

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