Graffiti vandals scrawl 'kill cops' on Olympia buildings


OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Calls to "kill cops" got scrawled on buildings throughout the downtown business district after demonstrators went on a vandalism spree Sunday night.

The small group created huge problems during the march. One person launched fireworks while others tagged up walls along Fourth Avenue. The most disturbing messages included calls to kill police officers.

“Doing it in downtown just isn't very effective because it affects small businesses that want to help,” said Raven Fire, who works at Dumpster Values clothing store.

Employees are frustrated by the graffiti on their building is frustrating since they want more police accountability too.

“I don't think that being destructive is necessarily the way to deal with it, but I get why they are doing it,” Fire said.

About 30 people were involved in painting the kill cops messages. Olympia police said the group scattered when officers showed up. Now investigators are trying to figure out who was involved but admit it’s a challenge since participants wore dark clothing and covered their faces with masks.

“I think it's people that just want to be angry,” Fire said. “They're not thinking it through clearly."

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