Vandals destroy Donald Trump signs in Whatcom County

Photo courtesy Mark Nelson

Supporters of presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, say several signs have been damaged, including one that was set on fire Friday night.

Vandals have thrown paint on signs, torn them apart and now set one on fire near Mount Baker Highway and Britton Road, according to Mark Nelson, a Trump supporter in Whatcom County.

"To vandalize a sign is to disrespect the person who put it up, not the person running for office," said Clay Owen, a Whatcom County resident who builds frames for Trump signs.

Nelson said he filed a report with the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Bill Elfo with the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office couldn't immediately confirm the vandalism but said it's not uncommon during election season. Elfo said some of his own signs were vandalized last election season.

Owen said he'll replace each sign that was vandalized and plans to raise them 10 feet higher to deter vandals.

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