Washington family receives racist note from air duct cleaner

Air duct cleaner leaves shocking letter for Vancouver, Wash. clients. (Courtesy of the family)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KATU) - A family said a contractor they hired to clean their air ducts gave them a racist note as he was leaving their home.

The family is of Palestinian descent and did not want to be identified.

From the moment the man arrived at the family's home, they say something seemed off.

"At one point he made some very inappropriate comments. My mom went over to visit my uncle and he asked her if her and my aunt were his wives, because apparently 'Muslims do that,'" a family member said.

He also asked the women why they don't wear hijabs.

"It's inappropriate to do that in a business setting. The guy is here to do a job," the family member said.

As the man went to leave, that's when the family was handed the letter.

"On the way, out this person handed my uncle the invoice and told him that there was a letter on the back and pleaded with him to wait 'til he left to open it," the family member said.

Once he opened the letter, the family said the worker called his family terrorists.

In the note, the man claims to have been an Israeli Marine soldier and said he “killed 25 terorist (sic) like you.” The note goes on to say that he usually doesn’t “sit down to (sic) much with a gridi (sic) custumer (sic) but I had to sell you something.”

"The contents of the letter were very bigoted and disgusting to say the least," the family member said.

Hurt and frustrated, the family took to Facebook. The response was widespread.

US Air Ducts and Builders, the company that hired the man, issued an apology on Facebook. The company called the letter “disgusting” and said it “condemn(s) any sort of racism behavior or speech.”

It also said it will no longer be sending clients to him and will have an emergency meeting with all staff members.

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