Two men pulled from lake after canoe flips

An afternoon of fishing took an unexpected turn for two friends Sunday.

The men were in a canoe on Shadow Lake in Snohomish County when it flipped and they were tossed into the water around 5:30 p.m.

"The water was freezing," said Kaelin Mack.

Mack said he and his friend initially didn't think they needed help. But after more than 30 minutes in the water, they yelled to a woman on shore to call 911.

"After a little while, I started getting cold, my buddy started getting cold...," said Mack.

Rescue swimmers from Snohomish County Fire District #7 were dispatched and got to the men within minutes of arriving at the lake.

Mack praised the fire department's quick response.

Heather Chadwick, a fire department spokesperson, said the men were approximately 250 yards off shore, and one of them appeared very exhausted when rescuers arrived.

Both men showed signs of mild hypothermia and were treated at the scene, said Chadwick.

Neither man was wearing a life jacket, a decision Mack says he and his friend will rethink next time.

"We were just stupid. They [life jackets] were in the car."

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