Brawl breaks out after double murder in Skyway

Two people are dead after a shooting Skyway (KOMO News)

SKYWAY, Wash. — A chaotic brawl broke out at a double murder scene in Skyway Thursday night.

KOMO News’ cameras were rolling when deputies were forced to use pepper spray to break up the brawl.

Deputies said friends and relatives showed up to the 12200 Block of 68th Avenue South upset and emotional after they recognized the black car where a female driver and a male passenger had been shot several times and died.

Investigators said two main instigators and about 30 people were fighting.

Deputies said five people had to treated for pepper spray exposure, including a deputy.

They also called for help from Seattle police, Renton police and Washington State Patrol.

The brawl was happening in the middle of a double murder investigation, with a killer on the run.

"I know that detectives are going to work to find out who was driving through this area,” said Sgt. Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff's Department. “Hopefully they called into 911, and if they didn’t we urge them to please call us because we’re looking for witness who saw what happened today.”

Investigators said the instigators of the fight ran away, and so did the killer.

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