Truck collapses bridge in Grays Harbor County

OAKVILLE, Wash. (AP) - A heavy truck collapsed a bridge in rural southwest Washington, forcing local residents to use logging roads to reach their homes on Tuesday, officials said on Wednesday.

Nobody was injured when the 40-year-old bridge collapsed on Harp Road, a few miles southwest of Oakville in Grays Harbor County. Most of the 68-foot span fell into Garrard Creek.

Residents of about 20 homes now face a 23-mile detour on winding back-country roads.

Undersheriff Rick Scott says the truck was hauling an excavator Tuesday afternoon when the bridge collapsed just after the truck cleared the span.

Scott estimates the truck weighed about 180,000 pounds. But the bridge is rated for just 35,000-pound loads for trucks with two axles.

He says the trucker had a permit to haul the equipment up Harp Road, but it's unclear whether that included allowance to go over the bridge's weight restriction.

It's too soon to say when a new bridge, or an alternative route, will be in place.
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