Transportation officials eye $10 peak toll on I-405 express lane

BELLEVUE, Wash. - The peak toll could be as much as $10 for a driver who wants to drive in the express lane after tolls are imposed on Interstate 405 between Bellevue and Lynnwood.

Transportation officials expect the typical toll will range from 75 cents to $4. And carpools with three or more people will be exempt from the toll, although they must have a Good to Go account and Flex Pass, which the state Transportation Department will offer this spring.

"I think if it's $10, it's too high people won't pay it," said Sharon Chin, who knows the price of hitting the pavement now. She and her husband really have to budget for the tolls they now pay every day crossing State Route 520 over Lake Washington. "I think it will help revenue wise you know for the state, to be able to toll more, I think it's excessive sometimes," Chin said.

The state Transportation Commission is taking public comment on the tolling proposal at a meeting Tuesday at the Bellevue City Hall.

The express toll lanes will open later this year on the Bellevue-Lynnwood stretch of I-405.
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