Townhomes move to make way for new light rail station

SEATTLE - It was moving day in Seattle on Saturday. In order for the new Roosevelt Light Rail Station to go in - some buildings had to move out.

The townhomes at the corner of 66th Street and 12th Avenue in Seattle have stood there for years. But on Saturday, despite a solid foundation, it was time for them to be uprooted.

Four townhomes were moved Saturday and four more will be moved next Friday.

For these structures it was either move or be reduced to 320 tons of waste, because Sound Transit is set to break ground this month on extending light rail to Northgate.

That plan puts a new Roosevelt Light Rail Station right where these townhomes have stood for many years.

"We're moving them about 4 1/2 blocks away to 65th and 15th," says Sound Transit's Kristin Hoffman.

The move saves Sound Transit move than $120,000 in demolition costs. The company bought the homes then sold them to Roosevelt Development Group.
But both sides let the contractors do all the heavy lifting.

"I'd give this a 7 or an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10," says Jeff McCord.

The houses will be pulled off of their foundations and onto the road by a large tractor truck. Then, inch by inch, the truck and the townhomes begin their moonlight move.

"We did have to do some tree trimming in order to make room for the town homes as they travel their path," says Hoffman.

Hours later, that path lead to the corner of 15th Avenue and 64th Street - a new place for an old home to lay a fresh foundation.

The development group says the townhomes will be ready for residents in about six months.
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