Smoky suns, cute Corgis and Model Ts: The Top 20 galleries on for 2017

Some of the most clicked on photo galleries of 2017!

As 2017 draws to a close, let's look back on the most popular photo galleries that readers clicked on throughout the year.
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20) Surreal sunsets make for spectacular photographs
The smoke from wildfires burning in British Columbia turned the sunsets and sunrises orange across the region, making for some incredible photographs.

19) Kent kindergartner transforms apperance daily to honor notable black women
With the aid of props from around their home in Kent - wigs, a bonnet, her mother's cellphone, artsy eye and photo apps - Lola has transformed into some of the most admired and notable black women in history to honor Black History month.

18) Corgis invade Oregon coast for annual Corgi Day at the beach
Hundreds of corgis filled Cannon Beach, Ore. on Saturday for the annual Corgi Day at the Beach - an event supporting the Oregon Humane Society that is hosted by the Portland Corgi Meetup Group.

17) A step back in time as 1982 capsule discovered inside Space Needle is opened
A time capsule buried inside the Space Needle on its 20th Anniversary was opened Friday morning — only 15 years late. Inside the time capsule were various letters, photographs and trinkets that Space Needle officials intended to have opened on the Space Needle's 40th year anniversary on April 21, 2002. Instead, it was just rediscovered last week during the Needle's $100 million renovation project.

16) Eagle Creek Fire rages near Columbia River Gorge
The human-caused Eagle Creek Fire near the Columbia River Gorge burned thousands of acres and forced the Oregon Department of Transportation to close Interstate 84 in both directions between Hood River and Troutdale.

15) Hurricane Irma carves path through Florida
Hurricane Irma was one of the most powerful hurricanes on record in the Atlantic and created a wide path of destruction across parts of the Caribbean before making landfall in Florida.
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14) Northwest shows off its incredible autumn spelendor

13) Eclipse makes for spooky shadows across Washington
Aug. 21 was quite the sight as a rare total eclipse made its way across the United States. In Seattle, the sun was only about 92 percent obscured, but it was enough to make for some spooky shadows!

12) Some of the zaniest places you'll find to spend a night

11) 100 photos of Earth from the International Space Station that will knock your socks off
Take a dramatic peek at the planet from the astronauts aboard the International Space Station

10) Bare bicyclists flock to Portland's Fernhill Park for 2017 World Naked Bike Ride (Viewer discretion advised)

9) Northern Lights put on dazzling display over Puget Sound region

8) Idaho Vanity Plates denied! Too rude for the road

7) Boise Foothills sliding homes continue to crumble, targeted with vandalism
The sliding homes in the Boise Foothills continue to crumble after a historic winter and wet early spring. The homes sit vacant on the Alto Via Court and have now been targeted with vandalism. Some of the homes are wide open to the elements, which have provided prime nesting for birds.

6) Seattle "Skinny House" hits the market for $700k
A new home in the North Beacon Hill neighborhood is for sale for $700,000. It's 1,600 square feet, and only 10-feet wide. King County parcel records indicate the plot is approximately 20-feet-wide by 95-feet-long.

5) Ominous clouds invade Puget Sound region ahead of intense thunderstorms
A series of strong thunderstorms moved through the Puget Sound region on May 4 -- making for surreal skies as the storms approached.

4) Red Carpet Arrivals at 89th Academy Awards
The stars came out of the annual Academy Awards! Red carpet galleries continue to be among the most popular on the site.
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3) At least 120,000 rally at Women's March in Seattle
Tens of thousands hit the streets in Seattle in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington D.C.

2) Amtrak train plunges off tracks, closes I-5 south of Tacoma
Amtrak train 501 derailed in DuPont, Wash. as it hit a curve where the speed limit was 30 mph and careened onto the southbound lanes of I-5, killing three on the train and injuring dozens of others.

And the most popular gallery in 2017 is...

1) Newly digitized photos give glimpse of Seattle life over 100 years ago
The Seattle Public Library released a new collection of photos depicting life in Seattle in the early 1900s. The gallery struck a chord with curious modern day Seattleites and had well over a million page views.

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